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Canada / Round 7
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  • Circuit: Montreal
  • Race: 70 laps / 305.27 km
Monaco / 29 May
Pos Driver Team
1 Hamilton Mercedes
2 Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault
3 Perez Force India/Mercedes
4 Vettel Ferrari
5 Alonso McLaren/Honda
6 Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes
7 Rosberg Mercedes
8 Sainz Toro Rosso/Ferrari
9 Button McLaren/Honda
10 Massa Williams/Mercedes
Standings / After 6 races
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  • Monaco Grand Prix driver ratings The wet Monaco Grand Prix showcased the excellence of some drivers but others floundered - and our driver ratings range from a 10-out-of-10 hero to "horrendously slow" low scorers 1464566400 F1
  • How much speed does F1 really need? In the latest part of our 'What is F1?' series, we investigate the argument over how fast Formula 1 cars should be, with the help of key paddock figures 1464307200 F1
  • Why track-limits rules are enraging F3 drivers When 96 laptimes are deleted for track-limits offences on a European Formula 3 qualifying day, something clearly isn't right. But are drivers, the rules or the policing at fault? 1464307200 F3
  • Tech: How Monaco aero tricks have evolved Formula 1 teams used to turn up to Monaco with all kinds of extreme high-downforce aero. That's no longer the case with higher-downforce run at most tracks in 2016, but there's one key area of the car where the innovation and variety is focused for Monte Carlo 1464307200 F1
  • Why Mercedes lost out to Red Bull in practice Red Bull was always expected to do well in Monaco, but Daniel Ricciardo being six tenths clear of the lead Mercedes on Thursday was still a shock. How much of that gap remains for qualifying depends on how quickly Mercedes can fix the areas it's lacking in 1464220800 F1
  • Why other teams can't copy Haas Haas is proving a new Formula 1 team can be competitive immediately by taking advantage of the 'listed parts' rules, but the options for anyone else wanting to copy that model look very limited 1464134400 F1
  • Ask Gary Anderson: How do teams manage warring team-mates? How to race teams manage warring drivers or the fallout when team orders don't stick? And can you believe a driver who declares a lap "perfect"? GARY ANDERSON answers your questions and analyses Williams's testing rear wing 1464134400 F1
  • The good and bad of Rossi's popularity Valentino Rossi's superstardom has generated a fanatical following, with a sea of yellow dominating the grandstands at most MotoGP events. But such loyalty towards one man can have a dark side, as we saw on Rossi's home turf last weekend 1464048000 MotoGP
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